Rooot cause of the disease in a child.18/11/17

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Rooot cause of the disease in a child.18/11/17

   A five years old boy has lot of insecurity feeling. Always wants mother or father with him. He cries at the very thought of going away from them. Even to wash room of his house which he has been using since beginning; has a fear of going alone. He enters the wash room only when somebody accompanies him.

So insecure that if parents talk in a little louder voice with each other, then he anticipates a quarrel among them and immediately interrupts by saying talk politely. 

While sleeping at night must confirm with mother that the doors are locked properly or not. Again, there is an insecurity feeling.

Of course, the above narration was not the problem for which the mother has brought the child to me. But the problem is constipation. The child passes very hard stool since last 4 years. The first stool is so hard that the child exerts so much of pressure that blood comes out with the stool often.

For constipation in children we have common homeopathic remedies like Nux vom, Cina,Bryonia,Sulphur,Calcarea etc. All these I tried but with mild success. Then I tried to explore the root cause of the problem. Upon doing further thorough case taking the mother revealed about the psychological state of the child as mentioned above.

Also she added that sometimes the child asks them to drive slowly and look to the road carefully.The cause behind this is the anxiety from the very thought of loosing a loves one.Hence he wants to prevent it.

If any of the parents come home late in the evening then his anxiety is clearly  visible.He anticipates something bad might have happened.


The child is a difficult boy to handle as he swears at his parents for trifles. If least he is contradicted, he withdraws himself into his room and says, Go .You don't talk with me.You don't love me.The parents have no idea what they have done. I explained that it is his the internal starving for love. There is a deep sense of being unloved which makes him moody like this.With least contradiction the feeling of rejection engulfs him.


Medicine selection-

The greatest sense of insecurity and deep sense of being unloved calls for the remedy of Ignatia and Natrum Mur. Which one should I give here?

Then I enquired about the psychological state of the mother during pregnancy.Here I got the root of the disease. Because most of the diseases of children begin in their intra-uterine life. The mother revealed that she has bottled up a bad emotion throughout her pregnancy.There was deep sense of rejection or being unloved by the in-laws.There was no communication between her and them throughout this period due to some familial disturbance.She felt angry inside but did not express and kept herself occupied in work so that she can underplay this feeling.Even though she pretended as if this rejection not affecting her but in the deep sense she has accumulated this stress in her subconscious. Probably this used to awake her from sleep in theearly morning at around 2-3 am, after which she could not get back to sleep again till 5 am.The sleep pattern remained like this almost throughout the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Upon further examining the child I found the skin around the nail are chapped. For this problem kent’s repertory suggests single remedy as Natrum Mur. Paul Herscu writes in the homeopathic treatment of children book that the Natrum Mur children may need Ignatia in acute cases. Philip Baileyin  Homeopathic psychology’ book writes that for chronic effects of grief Natrum Mur is indicated and for acuteIgnatia.

My case analysis concluded with the prescription of Ignatia1M- 2 doses at 5 minutes interval.

Dramatically the next day on wards the constipation vanished.No more straining while passing stool.In the following days the rigidity of mind too started softening as the mother reported. After few days reappearance of the chapped skin around the finger nail happened. I thought it is the time to go deeper. Hence given Natrum Mur 10 M, single dose.In the follow up the continuous improvement in physical and mental state is reported.


Analysis- Indignation, during pregnancy -Natrum Mur (Kent’srepertory). Definitely Natrum Mur is the correct remedy but Ignatia has lessdeeper action than Natrum Mur.Hence I started with Ignatia to see if the lineof treatment is correct or not.Since Ignatia gave improvement, Hence I movedforward with a more deeper remedy Natrum Mur.


Rooot cause of the disease in a child.18/11/17