Vaccinosis is the general name of chronic diseases caused by vaccines.

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Vaccinosis is the general name of chronic diseases caused by vaccines.

What is vaccinosis? 

It is the general name of chronic diseases caused by vaccines.

Why is it needed for a common man to know about vaccine?

Vaccination is increasingly becoming a part parcel of our life which is because of the over marketing by the pharmaceutical industries making the doctors puppets to dance in their tune.

Does the doctor who has vaccinated to the child take responsibility when the child develops asthma after a vaccination, atopic dermatitis after BCG vaccination, autism after MMR vaccination.No.Because most of the parents do not know that these diseases likely to have originated from vaccination.

The famous H1N1 vaccine, the flu vaccine contributes more to develop GBS(Gillian Barre syndrome; ascending type of paralysis).

In December 1976, after having immunised more than 40 million people and failing to see evidence that the H1N1 pandemic was actually going to materialize, US government officials called off the vaccination campaign due to the GBS risk.

What do we inject as vaccines? These are the live orkilled or weakened germs that cause the same disease as the name suggests. Forexample Polio vaccine is made from the polio virus.

How vaccines work? It is just like the training exercise that the policemen undergo time to time. They are being given the mock training about how to fight with the enemy when they face an attack from the social deviants.So that they remained prepared.

Same way when the vaccine is injected to our body, asa reaction our immune system of the body produce proteins called antibodies tofight with these injected germs and kill them. Then these antibodies remain inour body and whenever again the disease germs attack us, they protect us in asimilar way.

Then where is the problem?

The problem is that over the time it is observed thatthe rise of chronic diseases and illness in children has a direct correlationto the number and frequency of vaccines.

www.drJordan.com This would appear to be true, as ourfriends of India have pointed out to me that since using the BCG vaccine inIndia against tuberculosis and the small pox, now in the country they find anew problem: from the vaccinosis they now have heart disease and cancer as wellas tuberculosis which persists.2 The gene profile expression of vaccinates fromthe small pox vaccination develop heart diseases including heart attacks. Thisvaccinosis seems to be the derangement of the immune system to cytotoxic Tcells, and more heart disease and cancer from loss of immunesurveillance.   [Ref Dr. Aadil Chimthanawala Tubercular Miasmaand its Clinical Significance. 2 ]   

In Judith DeCava’s book, Vaccination Examining theRecord, she writes; a person not vaccinated has one risk: “catching” a disease.A person who is vaccinated has two risks: “catching” the disease and damagefrom the vaccine. That damage is “vaccinosis”.

Eminenthomeopaths on vaccinosis-

Vaccinosis and Its Cure by Thuja by J. Compton Burnettwritten in the 1800’s first printed in 1897. ‘Change of life in a woman’ book.

GeorgeVithoulkas: An Interview Reported by Peter Morell in year of 2000


It claims that the immunesystems of the western population, through strong chemical drugs and repeatedvaccinations, have broken down and finally admitted the diseases deeper anddeeper into the human organism, to the central and peripheral nervous system.

Whenever a vaccine isadministered, it tends to change the electromagnetic vibration rate in the sameway that a severe illness or allopathic drug does. Depending upon the state ofhealth of the individual, there are two basic types of responses which canoccur after vaccination: 1. There may be no reaction to the vaccine at all. 2.The vaccination may "take," which means that some degree of reactionis produced.

Robin Murphy ND, in his homeopathic book “HomeopathicRemedy Guide” rightfully acknowledges that vaccinosis is “chronic neuroticheadaches” 

Dr S C Madan, renownedAllopath writes in his book 'Homeopathy cures where Allopathy fails'-"autism can happen after vaccination" page 272. Use Homeopathy forthe side effects of vaccination.

Dr Sunirmal sarkar,world famous homeopath;the living legend writes in his book,'Just you see'-MMRvaccine can lead to ADHD- chapter 15

Why there is an after effect of the vaccines?

1.Every individual’s sensitivity is different than the others. One common vaccine cannot be used to strengthen the immune system of all.

2.Various chemicals used in vaccination straightway affects the health of the vaccinate.

How to come over it?

1.The grievous diseases against which the body can not produce antibodies so fast that it could fight with the germs; only those vaccines can be taken. Any excess number of vaccinations should be strictly discouraged.

2.Even after those few required vaccines if there is any side effect appearing in the body, then it should be addressed homeopathically.

3.If the body strongly rejects the vaccines then better to avoid further vaccination.


Vaccinosis is the general name of chronic diseases caused by vaccines.